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Land Use Designation

City lands are divided into parcels which are assigned specific purposes, or “uses”. When assigned to parcels these uses are called “Land Use Designations” and help city planners communicate which activities are allowed in different areas of Kingston. These designations are an important tool for ensuring the quality of life that makes Kingston a great place to live by preventing industrial plants from being built too close to residential neighbourhoods or schools for example.

Limitations to be aware of:

You are encouraged to explore this data, review it and learn about what is generally allowed in different areas of the City.

However this dataset is a only subset of the data and information that comprises the Official Plan and cannot be used in isolation to make recommendations or decisions on matters governed by Ontario law or the Official Plan for any specific situation.

For example, sometimes exceptions or alternate uses will be applied to smaller areas within a parcel through official planning processes. Such “secondary plans” or “site-specific policy areas” are excluded from this dataset, and are only available in the Official Plan (see Schedules 3-A, 3-B and 3-C).


For the convenience of those with the technical expertise, representation for this data is available for download in ESRI Layer-File format.

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