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Project Status Reports

Data about City of Kingston technology-related projects and initiatives that are reported corporate-wide each month. This dataset is updated monthly.

Tips for interpreting data

Understanding project start and end dates

Start and end dates generally signify dates when work actually begins and ends. Certain project status values cannot have start and end dates because there has been no decision to actually move forward with the project. Those states will have empty start and end date values.

Understanding project status values
Requested An idea for a project has been generated but no review of the business case has been made yet. A decision to move forward or not is pending.
Accepted Once it is decided to execute the project it will be Accepted. A decision has been made but to move forward but work has not started.
Deferred Projects in this state are not accepted\approved to proceed to planning or execution stages yet are anticipated to go to those stages at a future time.
Rejected If it is decided the project will never move forward it is rejected.
Planning & Initiation The project is undergoing active planning work which would include scoping, scheduling and confirming resourcing.
The project is now officially underway and working toward completion.
On Hold The project was started (Executing) but suspended due to a documented reason and is expected restart in the future.
Closing During closing, project contracts are closed, documentation related to the system implemented is finalized, knowledge related to the support of the system is transferred to operational resources and lessons learned from the execution of the project are documented and reviewed.
Completed The project is now complete.
Cancelled A project that was started but terminated before completion and is not expected to restart in the future.

Dataset schema

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